May 8, 2018

What Does AUTSA Actually Do?

8th May 2018: AUTSA is the official student association of Auckland University of Technology. But what do they actually do?

What Does AUTSA Actually Do?


AUTSA is the official student association of Auckland University of Technology. Usually operating from the City campus, they are a bunch of open minded and friendly students who aim to improve the student experience.

What do they do?

They say that mental health & well being should come first, followed by academics as a University student. AUTSA has their own Advocacy team that can be contacted via regarding issues with academics, stress, disciplinary meetings or even legal issues. If contacted, they will aim to support and help resolve issues that you have come across as a student.



Foodie Godmother is one of AUTSA's coolest ways of helping students financially. Essentially it's an open pantry to any AUT students that has supplies of food as well as daily household/toiletry items. This can be found at the AUTSA office in any campus. In addition, they also have a garden where students can utilise the fresh produce.

On the occassion they also organise clothing swaps and run workshops such as their upcoming Garden Workshop.

Opening Hours:
City Campus (WC Bldg, Level 2) - Mon-Thurs: 9am-5pm; Fri: 9am - 4pm
North Campus (AS Bldg, Room 133) - Mon: 9:30am-12pm; Tues: 11am-4pm; Wed:9:30am-3:30pm; Thurs: 9:30am - 12:30pm
South Campus (ME109) - Mon-Fri: 9am-3:30pm



Apart from events held by AUTSA which you can always follow on Facebook or their events calendar such as their next Mothertrucker Fest. AUTSA is in charge of various entertainment strongholds at university.

  • Vesbar
    Recently renovated for a fresh new look, this student bar is located down in Hikuwai Plaza at the City Campus. Open from 12PM - 7PM. The best part of the bar is that it's central and easily bookable for any student or staff of AUT. Just contact them via for a reservation. Great for 21st and Graduation events.
  • Debate
    This is not a club, but rather a student magazine. You can pick up an issue at the red stands around campus. If you'd like to be involved in the magazine, send them a email via But, firstly read their latest copy which has a honest article about How to Save Whilst Still Being Able to Hang with Your Mates.

Editor at Debate
"Last year Debate took home six awards and was named joint runner-up Best Publication at the Aotearoa Student Press Awards, which is a yearly competition between all the different uni magazines across New Zealand. Go us!

This means that if you want to start writing for Debate (which we highly encourage doing), you can say that you contributed to an award-winning publication. And you would have our full permission to name-drop that shizz anywhere and everywhere.

The ceremony was held last year in October and was hosted in Wellington by Massive Magazine (Massey University’s student magazine). The Awards featured special guest Mike McRoberts and free champagne, making it a successful occasion all-round."

  • Clubs
    AUT has over 30 student clubs ranging from cultural to anime club. For a full list, check out their website and if any are to your fancy, just search them on Facebook.


Photo by Thomas Schweighofer / Unsplash

Now this, is FLIPPIN COOL. When I saw this on their site, my mind was instantly jealous that I am not a AUT student. AUTSA has their own lodge at Tongariro National Park! With the ability to accomodate up to 12 people at less than $12 per head. It's a perfect winter/summer getaway with friends during university break.

For more information, click here.

Who should I go to?

Often students are confused with who to contact regarding issues with the university. At AUT, the AUTSA have a Student Representative Council who are responsible for overseeing the ins and outs of university life. If you believe that there are factors affecting the student experience, their contact details are available through their Facebook page.

To get in touch, with AUTSA you can email them via or call (09) 921 9805. But each campus also has different opening hours from Mondays-Fridays:

  • City Campus (WC Bldg, Level 2): 9AM - 5PM
  • North Campus (AS Bldg, Room 133): 11AM - 2PM
  • South Campus (ME109): 9AM - 3PM

Did you enjoy this article? Let me know if there are other university student associations that you would like me to breakdown.