April 23, 2018

What Does AUSA Actually Do?

Student associations are a pinnacle of the University experience. But what do they actually do?

What Does AUSA Actually Do?

Student associations are a pinnacle of the University experience and they do A LOT for students. So here is a run-down of what they offer and where to go to find their services.


AUSA (Auckland University Student Association) is essentially the bridge between students and the university high-ups. They represent students when negotiating issues such as student fees, common spaces but are also involved in the everyday lives of students.

What do they do?


Advocacy is a place where you can go to get help regarding any issues that you have inside or outside of university. This can include:

  • Academic advice e.g. plagiarism, compassion consideration or problems with your lecturer/course.
  • Disciplinary advice e.g. disciplinary hearings.
  • Disputes and legal advice
  • Employment advice
  • Family advice e.g. family violence.
  • Tenancy advice e.g. disputes with landlords or advice on student living in a hall.

To contact them, you can either make an enquiry or visit them at the Old Choral Hall (9-4PM Weekdays).


ausa_free_event "Are you not entertained?", well, time to check out the many forms of entertainment that AUSA owns and runs on campus.
  • Craccum: Student magazine that has a lot of swearing and thought provoking topics. Can be found in black boxes around the University every Monday or digitally here.
  • Market days: Held every Thursday you can buy food, second hand books, jewellry and even onesies in the Quad.
  • O'week + Party in the Park: My favourite time of the year due to the freebies available, held on the first week of University semester 1.
  • 95bFM: Radio station curated by students for students which you will often hear if you sit in the Quad. Also available for online listening here.
  • Shadows/Shadz: Local student bar. Check out their menu for drinks and food.

Shadz Specials:

  • Everyday 9PM - 11PM: Happy Hour
  • Tuesday: $5 burger and fries
  • Wednesday 7PM - Onwards: Free BBQ and DJ's
  • Thursday 12PM - 2PM: 2 for 1 Pizza

How can they help me financially?

Food Parcels

All students have access to THREE food parcels a semester which can be picked up from the AUSA reception. If you need further help with access to food, you can contact the Welfare officer at welfare@ausa.org.nz or read more about food grants available here.

Hardship Grants

These grants are available to students who may be suffering from financial hardships which may threaten their course of study. Students can receive up to $250, and can find more information here.

Textbook Grants

Available at the beginning of semester 1 & 2, applications are open the week prior to semester and the first week back. UBIQ and AUSA provides $2500 worth of textbook grants every year. To apply, click here.

Lost Property

Lost property can be found at the AUSA House reception, or you can even check out their Facebook group which regularly posts lost and found items.


AUSA has a special deal with Wilson Parking at their Kitchener Street Carpark. Here you can park ALL DAY for $12 (Mon-Fri, 6am-12am). All you need to do is bring your ticket into AUSA House during the day before 4pm, and they can validate it for you.

Community Spaces


With over 100 years of history, AUSA has fought for access to a variety of common rooms which you may want to visit to getaway from the crowds.

  • Cultural Spaces: common rooms specifically for Pasifika and Maori students are available on Level 4 of the Student Union Building. You will get access to a common area, kitchen, toilet, showering facilities as well as printers.
  • Lockers: available below the Quad. You can hire lockers by visiting the AUSA reception at 4 Alfred St. Prices range from $45 bottom locker, to $55 for a top locker.
  • Queer Space: with a safe space to relax and study, there is also access to a kitchen and the Queer Rights officer above the Quad near Shadows.
  • Parent Spaces: anyone who has a child under the age of 16 has access to multiple parent spaces around campus. This includes spaces for study as well as breastfeeding facilities. For more information click here.
  • The Todd Foundation Centre for Students with Disabilities: Located in the Recreation Centre, at Quad level. Access cards can be arranged through the Disability Co-ordinators at disabilities@auckland.ac.nz.
  • Womens Space: is similarly located on Level 3 of the Student Union Building, just walk up the stairs next to the AT transport top-up retailer/Moustache store.

How can I help other students?

Buddy Programme

AUSA provides international students with the opportunity to be paired with an existing student to help ease the transition into their new student lives. It is a free service offered every semester. You can help your buddy explore and find the best restaurants in the city or complete stressful IRD forms its entirely up to you. Applying to be a buddy is easy! To get more information click here

Extra involvement

If you want to be involved in any form of capacity with AUSA, you should read up on available forms of representation here.