June 7, 2018

Wellbeing 101

7th June 2018: In response to this chaotic exam season, here are my top picks of wellbeing focused initiatives at the University of Auckland.

Wellbeing 101

Every year leading up-to exam time my little bubble begins to become bigger and bigger, to the point where it feels like it's going to burst.

That is called stress.

Whether that is stress from worrying about not getting the grades I want, worrying that I don't have enough time to study, to worrying about not being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In particular, I know that a lot of my friends struggle with varying points of anxiety and also issues such as insomnia. Aspects that don't add up to a very good time.

In response to this chaotic time, I am outlining my top picks of wellbeing focused initiatives at the University of Auckland.

Wellbeing Events

Photo by Olu Eletu / Unsplash

Last week you would have noticed many events around campus aimed at de-stressing our souls, including bouncy castles near OGGB and movie nights in iSpace.

Part of Stress Less Week, there are a few events that are still running this week including:

  • 'Quiet Study Space' (Level 1 Assistance Space, Bld 302 Science Centre) - a dedicated studying space which also has a self service tea station. Available until the 6th June from 2-8PM.
  • 'Power off' (Table Tennis Area, Bld 302 Science Centre) - a chill out space available to those who want to take a break from studying. Available from 7-8th June and 11-15th June.

Wellbeing Groups

University offers a range of wellbeing groups which aims to support students throughout the semester. For a full list, check it out here.

My favourites include the Social Confidence Group (Mondays 1:30 - 3:30PM) which I believe is useful since we're always pushed to "network". At the group sessions they will aim to help you manage your social anxiety, build self-esteem and improve confidence in social situations. To register, click here.

If you are interested in general wellbeing tips and tricks, there are also drop-in sessions held every Monday from 12-1PM.

Counselling Services

Do you want to find someone to talk to? Counselling services at University are completely FREE for domestic students and international students that have the right insurance plan.

There are three types of sessions that you could make:

  1. General Support - if you have any issues that are impacting your studies, please complete this questionnaire. Usually these counselling sessions will run for 2-3 sessions in order to help get you back on track.
  2. Academic Support - if you need help applying for compassionate consideration for tests or exams, late deletions or withdrawals. Counselling will offer a 30 minute appointment in order to answer quick questions or help you along the process. All you need to do is call reception on 09 923 7681.
  3. Urgent Support - on the day appointments are available to those who may be at high risk and need to see a counsellor immediately. Please call the number above to make an appointment.

At Niesh, we heavily value taking care of your mind, body and soul. Above are some great resources that students could use. If you see a friend who is struggling, we urge you to share the knowledge with them.