June 26, 2018

Deals That You're Missing Out On (Holiday Edition)

26th June 2018: How do you travel and do fun activities on a budget? These discounts will help you by not breaking the bank (Holiday Edition)

Deals That You're Missing Out On (Holiday Edition)

Congratulations on making it through Semester 1. Whilst you were studying and cramming for exams, the Niesh team has compiled some great deals that you could use during the break. Here are the TOP 10 Deals That You're Missing Out On!

1. Up to $50 OFF Skydiving


Is skydiving on your list of 'Things to do before you die?' Then this deal is perfect for you.

Go Skydive New Zealand is located in Mercer, 45 minutes away from Auckland. A trip to Mercer will give you the chance to experience the amazing views of the Coromandel, Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Don't want to travel out of Auckland? Check out our other Skydiving deal (Auckland Edition) also available on the Niesh app.

2. 10% OFF at OGO Rotorua


OGO is the perfect addition to your Rotorua trip, allowing you to roll down the WORLD'S LONGEST ZIG-ZAG SIDEWINDER TRACK in a giant inflatable ball.

3. 14% OFF Odyssey Sensory Maze


Odyssey Sensory Maze is the perfect activity for those who want to catch up with friends while doing something fun. In the maze you will not only be trying to find a way out, but experiencing illusions and obstacles such as their pitch black room.

Located in the Lower Basement Metro Centre on Queen Street, the center of Auckland City. It's close by and convenient!

4. 25% OFF a Game of Pool


Located on Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby Pool Hall is offering a discount on all sessions of pool. Come play a game, and experience low key rivalry with friends.

5. 20% OFF at The Olympics Pools


Did you know swimming can burn 585 calories in one hour? Swimming will fast track your goals of getting back your summer bod.

The Olympic Pools & Fitness Centre is located on Broadway in Newmarket. After your swim, you could even chill out in their spa or sauna.

6. 10% OFF Supplements


To help with getting back to your fit self, it is quintessential that you help speed up the process by incorporating supplements into your training.

Xtreme Nutrition is the largest supplement store in NZ and has a whole range of protein to fat burning supplements.

7. 2-for-1 Massages


During exam period, mass amounts of tension can build up around your neck and shoulder area. LanreƩ Aesthetics can help you solve it through their relaxing massage therapy OR deep tissue massage.

Located at 128 Parnell Road, the deal is a 2-for-1. Allowing you to get the same treatment again for FREE!

8. 30% OFF Floating + Free Kava Bowl


Float Culture located in Grafton, allows you to experience TOTAL sensory deprivation through their float pods which are filled with a salt water solution.

9. 30% OFF Cut and Blow


Hair can make you stand out from a crowd. Left to it's own devices, it can feel heavy and tiresome.

Visit The Black Studio to get your new hair cut followed by a blow wave service. Located on Dominion Road, they will make you feel fresh and new.

10. $20 OFF Manicures


Your hands were helping you get those A's, so shouldn't you give them a treat?

Sugar Nail is offering a discount for first time customers on a French manicure OR Gradient manicure. Located on High Street, you can book an appointment via Instagram or giving them a call.

You can get all of the above deals and more on the Niesh App! Download it here!