We're Looking for Contributors

Are you an avid writer OR interested in helping students? We're looking for contributors for our blog!


The Niesh blog was created to inform students on student events, culture, employability and any other topic that would actively improve their lives. Now that our blog has increased our readership, we are looking for fresh new perspectives and writers to join our team.

What can you expect?

  • At the beginning, under 1-2 categories you will be delivering one article per month for our blog;
  • All of your articles will be published under your own name;
  • You will receive expert advice on writing for the age of the millennial.

Who are we looking for?

  • Writers from any tertiary institution within New Zealand;
  • Individuals who have an idea on how to help students. For example, you will notice that we have specifically written blog posts dedicated to international students;
  • Writers who have their own voice and can translate it through writing;
  • Students who can treat this position as a hobby and interest, we don't want contributors who are not passionate about what they are writing about.

We don't require you to have experience, PASSION IS KEY.

Application Submission Document:

A two page document will need to be emailed to joyce@niesh.co.nz, it will need to include...

  1. Name, email and contact phone number.
  2. Name of current tertiary institution.
  3. Relevant writing experience if applicable.
  4. Top 3 categories that you would like to write for, this can be completely new and not currently on our blog.
  5. Sample article - write for one of the three categories that you have chosen above (Max 500 words).
  6. Tell us how we can improve our blog (Max 200 words).

Please take note that this is a voluntary position.

Application closes: 16th July

We're Looking for Contributors
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