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How to Upload Your Files on iOS for Free Printing

iOS does not support the the use of uploading files from your iPhone/iPad due to security reasons. However there is a workaround.

What you need:

  • A Niesh account (registered with your university email or activated as a student account)
  • A Google Drive account (we recommend your university account if you are a UoA student as you get free unlimited storage)
  • The Google Drive app on your phone

Step 1: Download your files to Google Drive

Find the file you want to download on Safari (e.g. from Canvas) and press the Share button (the middle button with the square and upwards arrow at the bottom of the screen).

Then press Copy to Drive.

This should automatically redirect you to the Google Drive app where you will be asked to save the file. Save the file and the file will be uploaded to your Google Drive account.


Step 2: Upload your file to your Niesh account

Login to your Niesh account at https://www.niesh.co.nz. Press the cloud (Drop files here or click to browse).


You'll then get this pop-up. Press Browse and you'll get the option to select Drive (which is your Google Drive account).

From there you can select your file.

After selecting your file, you'll be taken back to the Niesh free printing page, press Upload and your file will begin uploading.

Step 3: That's it!

Your file is now available to print from our free printing kiosk. We recommend to do this before hoping onto a kiosk to save time.

How to Upload Your Files on iOS for Free Printing
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