June 10, 2019


Watch the highest rated tv show on IMDb for FREE.


Critics say it's the best TV show of 2019 and we want YOU to watch it.

Looking for something to watch in-between all the exam studying? After the disastrous results of GoT, I feel like it's time to redeem our souls with a actual series that satisfies our binging needs.

eTV and How It Works

Are you a University or High School student in NZ? Basically ALL of you can access eTV to watch Chernobyl.

Simply head to their website and log-in HERE. If you're part of a school that has access, it should automatically redirect you to the school log-in page.

BONUS: TV Show Recommendation

I've been reading a lot of articles where fans of the TV show are beginning to book tours to Chernobyl? IDK about you, but if you're looking for something less extreme I would highly recommend the Netflix TV show 'Dark Tourist'.

Featuring our very own Kiwi Documentary maker, David Farrier. We can live through our fellow Kiwi as he travels to some of the most dangerous places in the world. Including, 'Tomioka' a town evacuated due to the high radiation levels from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.

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