March 26, 2018

Auckland Transport Cheatsheet

Auckland Transport is bad. But here's a guide on how you can make the most of it to get around town quicker and easier.

Auckland Transport Cheatsheet

One of the biggest changes with moving to University is transport. Although I am not known for being on time, through my struggles with public transport here is my breakdown of transport best practice in Auckland.

AT Transport - Bus, Train or Ferry

Auckland public transport is the cheapest way to get around town but it does have a bad rep. However, there has been some progress in making the system easier to use and below I will give you the lowdown.

1) AT HOP Card and Online System

Priced at $10, your can order this card from their website OR buy it at any of these locations.

You'll need to register your card online to manage your funds. The benefits of being online is that you can top up, apply for a student concession, and transfer your funds if you lose your card. Online top ups can take up to 72 hours to load onto your card so make sure you do it in advance and not at the bus stop!

Using a tertiary concession you will save up to 20% off the Adult fare, and up to 35% off an Adult cash fare.

2) AT Mobile Apps

These handy apps will literally save your life and have you schedule your day to a tee! There are two versions. Just pick the one which suits you best.

  1. AT Mobile App - To plan your journeys and to view a LIVE timetable board for your stop/station. iOS/Android.
  2. AT Metro Track My Bus - If you don't need to plan your journeys but need the LIVE timetable board, this is the app for you. iOS/Android.

3) Inner City Bus Circuits

If you're always in the CBD area, use these three buses which have a circular bus route, letting you hop around easily.

CityLink (Red Bus every 7-8 min)

  • Stops: Wynyard Quarter, Queen St, K'Rd

InnerLink (Green Bus every 10-15 min)

  • Stops: Britomart, Parnell, Newmarket, K'Rd, Ponsonby, Victoria Park

OuterLink (Yellow Bus every 15 min)

  • Stops: Wellesley Street, Parnell, Newmarket, Epsom, Balmoral, Mt Eden, St Lukes, Mt Albert, Westmere, Herne Bay


4) Fare Zone System

Auckland Transport uses Zones to calculate your fares. You will only be charged for the number of zones that you travel through. In other-words, you can change buses or trains as many times as you like but only be charged for ONE zone as long as all those trips are in a single zone. This system is exclusive to AT Hop Card users.

Auckland is split into thirteen fare zones. You can view them here.


5) University Shuttles

Campus shuttles are great for travelling between campuses. You will find the timetables down below.

UoA, AUT, Unitec and Massey have private shuttles reserved for their students to travel between campuses. They are close to campus which will mean, less walking!

*Remember to check the pricing for these shuttles. UoA & AUT have their own pricing for shuttles but it's FREE at Unitec and Massey.

Shuttle Information:

AUT Shuttle Information:

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